Verb™ Desktop + Web


Verb™ Desktop + Web


Complete 72-font family:
Regular Set (9 weights, Extralight to Ultra)
Condensed Set (9 weights, Extralight to Ultra)
Extra Condensed Set (9 weights, Extralight to Ultra)
Compressed Set (9 weights, Extralight to Ultra)
Desktop fonts (OTF), 1-user license / view license
Webfonts (TTF, WOFF, EOT and SVG formats)
500,000 pageviews/month license / view license
Extensive language support

Verb is a 72-font sans-serif superfamily that’s confident, friendly and energetic. At text sizes it’s highly legible, while at larger sizes it reveals lively shapes and personality. It has four subfamilies including Regular, Condensed, Extra Condensed, and Compressed, each with nine weights from Extralight to Ultra. With over 800 glyphs, Verb offers a full complement of professional typographic features and extensive language support.

Complete typographic features include: 
Small caps 
Complete “f” ligature set (improves text flow in longer settings) 
Discretionary ligatures 
Alternate connected ligatures
Oldstyle numerals and currency 
Tabular numerals 
Automatic fractions 
Superiors and inferiors 
Contextual alternate “f” 
Extensive language and currency support

Verb webfonts don't contain any opentype features or alternate characters. 

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